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Correction Rules(01-05), Examples & Quick Test


Rule-01: একই Sentence-এ দুইবার interrogative হয় না। একই sentence-এ দুটি clause থাকলে প্রথম clause টি interrogative এবং দ্বিতীয় clause টি assertive হয়। clause বা sentence এর auxiliary verb টি subject এর পরে বসালে তা assertive হয়ে যায়। (do -» out, does-» verb present+s/es, did-» verb past form)


Incorrect Correct
Do you know where does he live? Do you know where he lives?
Can you tell when will he come? Can you tell when he will come?
Did he tell what was he doing? Did he tell what he was doing?

Rule-02: একই sentence-এ দুইটি conjunction বা connecting word বসে না।


I do not know what why he came. I do not know why he came.
He asked me why when I quarreled?He asked me why I quarreled.
Or, He asked me when I quarreled.
I Know that when Bangladesh got independence.I Know when Bangladesh got independence.

Rule-03: sentence এ subject এর number অনুসারে তার possessive (my, our, your, his, her, their etc.) বসবে।


Incorrect Correct
Every mother loves their child. Every mother loves her child.
All the students attended to his classes. All the students attended to their classes.
They took his respective pots. They took their respective pots.

Rule-04: Indefinite pronoun ‘one’ এর পরে possessive adjective হিসাবে one’s হবে, his হবে না।


Incorrect Correct
One should learn his lesson. One should learn one’s lesson.
One must attend his classes. One must attend one’s classes.
Rule-05: কোন sentence এ connective word হিসাবে relative pronoun (who, that, which, what ইত্যাদি) থাকলে তার পূর্বের noun/subject word (antecedent) অনুযায়ী verb হবে। অর্থাৎ who, which, that এর পূর্বে যে noun/pronoun থাকবে তার number অনুসারে পরবর্তী verb বসবে।


Incorrect Correct
I like the baby which do not cry. I like the baby which does not cry.
Do you know the boy who are reading? Do you know the boy who is reading?
Allah help those who helps themselves. Allah helps those who help themselves.

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