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Important Passages for Compulsory English

Very important Passage for Non-credit/ Compulsory English.
01.There is always a buzzing sound at Kamlapur Station.Visit
02.Severe moral degradation is a crucial problem of mankind which is.....Visit
03.Good manners from an important part of our education.Visit
04.A craftwork is an applied form of art, a social and cultural product reflection....Visit
05.A freedom fighter is honoured in all lands and......Visit
06.Socrates, the greatest philosopher, was born of poor ......Visit
07.Liberty does not descend upon people….Visit
08.Most of our students can not write out their examination papers fairly…..Visit
09.Tagore says, "Education is a piece of diamond and culture is the emission of light there from."Visit
10.Tolerance is most needed there where opinions are divided,...Visit