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Important Posters for compulsory English

A poster is a visual communication tool used to convey information, ideas, or messages to a large audience. Posters are typically printed on large sheets of paper or other materials and can be displayed on walls, bulletin boards, or other public areas.
Posters can serve a variety of purposes, such as advertising products or events, promoting social or political causes, providing educational or informational content, or simply adding visual interest to a space. They often use a combination of text, images, and design elements to attract attention and convey their intended message.
Posters have a long history, with some of the earliest examples dating back to the 19th century. Today, they remain a popular and effective medium for communication in a wide range of contexts.
Some examples of posters are given bellow:
1'Against Smoking'Visit
2'Against Hortal'Visit
3'Unfair Means in the Examination'Visit
4'Drug Addiction'Visit
5'Child Labour'Visit
6'Dowry System'Visit
8'Food Adulteration'Visit
9'Tree Plantation'Visit
10'Environment Pollution'Visit
11'Eve Teasing'Visit
12Against 'Acid Throwing'Visit