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Report; Brief-answer Questions


1. What is a report? [NU 2015]
Ans: A report is a document that presents information in an organized format for a specific audience and purpose.
2. What type of writing is a report?
Ans: A report is an informative writing.
3. What is the aim of writing report? 
Ans: The aim of writing report is to inform the readers about an event.
4. What are the essential parts of a report? [NU 2013]
Ans: The essential parts of a report are a specific title, introduction, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, appendix etc.
5. What should be the tone and language of a report? [NU 2016]
Ans: The tone of a report should be objective and impersonal while the language should be as formal as possible.
6. What is the purpose of a headline in a report?
Ans: The purpose of a headline in a report is to is to attract the readers’ attention to the story.
7. What is a business report?
Ans: A business report is a type of assignment that examines available and potential solutions to a problem, situation and applies business theories to produce a range of suggestions for improvement.
8. What is a news report?
Ans: A news report is a kind of report that imparts information relevant to an happening locally, nationally and even internationally.
9. What is the headline of a news report?
Ans: The headline of a news report is the text in larger font size indicating the nature of the article below it.
10. What is lead in a news report? 
Ans: The opening part or paragraph in a report is known as ‘intro’ or lead.
11. What three basic questions are aimed at writing a news report?
Ans: The three basic questions that are aimed at while writing a news report are “Who”, “What” and “When”.  
12. What does the By-line include?
Ans: The By-line includes the author’s name, and often his occupations.
13. What is Survey Report?
Ans: Survey report is a formal piece of writing which is based on data collected from field surveys.
14. What are the parts of a Survey Report?
Ans: The parts of a Survey Report are introduction, body, and conclusion.
15. What is informal report?
Ans: Informal report is a brief report which is usually in the form of a person to person communication without following the rules and process directed by an organization.