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Press release; Brief-answer Questions

Press release

1. What is a Press Release?
Ans: A press release is an announcement which is sent to the press and other media by a company for informing the public of anything—introduction of new products, purchase of new buildings, introducing a programme, celebrating various occasions etc.
2. What kind of announcement is a press release? [NU 2016]
Ans: A press release is a public relations announcement. It is an official, written announcement.
3. Who prepares a press release?
Ans: The organization that wants to inform its clients or customers of something prepares a press release.
4. What is an embargo date in a press release? [NU 2018]
Ans: An embargo date is a date before which an organization does not want to publish its press release to inform the public.
5. What special mark should be used at the end of a press release?
Ans: At the end of a press release one should use ### mark.  
6. What should be the language of a press release? [NU 2017]
Ans: The language of a press release should be professional and understandable. It should be the language of the target journalists.