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Memo; Brief-answer Questions


1. What is a memo?
Ans: A memo is a message from one person to another or others within an organization. A memo reports briefly on an action, raises a question or asks permission to follow a course of action.
2. What is the full name of memo?
Ans: The full name of memo is memorandum.
3. What is the Latin form for memo?
Ans: The Latin form for memo is memorare.
4. What does the word "memorandum" mean?
Ans: Originally the word “memorandum” came from Latin memorare – meaning ‘to remember’. It literally means ‘a thing to be remembered’.
5. What is the main purpose of a memorandum?
Ans: The main purpose of a memorandum is to make communication with the colleagues.
6. What are the purposes of a memo? [NU 2013]
Ans: The purpose of a memo is to let staffs know the decisions and actions, to remind someone of an action, and to provide any information.
7. Mention the types of memo.
Ans: There are about five types of memo: directive memo, field report memo, trip report memo, status memo, and response memo.
8. Where is inside address found?
Ans: Inside address is found immediately after the heading.  
9. What does CC stand?
Ans: CC stands for courtesy copy or copy circulated or carbon copy or computer copy.
10. Define an office order.
Ans: An office order is an authoritative direction or instruction that is to be circulated among employees.
11. Differentiate between a memo and a letter. 
Ans: Both letter and memo are used to convey a message or information. While a letter can be used to convey either personal message or business information, memo is purely intended for business purpose.