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Minutes and Notes; Brief-answer Questions

Minutes and Notes

1. What are minutes?
Ans: The minutes are the written record of what was said /decided at a formal meeting.
2. Give the names of the types of Minutes.
Ans: There are two types of Minutes: formal/ public minute and informal/ private minute.
3. What is a briefing note?
Ans: Briefing note is a short paper through which a decision-maker get a quick and effective information about an issue.
4. For whom briefing notes are typically written?
Ans: Briefing notes are typically written for those senior-level decision-makers who have to take a decision about an issue very quickly.
5. Name the main three parts of a note.
Ans: The main three parts of a note are purpose, summary and conclusion.
6. What is the difference between notes and minutes?
Ans: Minutes have a more structured outline e.g. attendees, agenda etc. but notes are more informal.