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Brief Question Answer from 'The Tyger' by William Blake

The Tyger

by William Blake

1. How does William Blake spell the word "tiger"?

Ans: William Blake spells the word "tiger" as “Tyger”.

2. Where is the tiger burning? How?

Ans: The tiger is burning in the forest of the night. It is burning brightly. 

3. What does the 'Forest of the night' in "The Tyger" suggest?

Ans: The ‘forest of the night' in “The Tyger” suggests experience, unknown realms or challenges, eternal repression etc.

4. What does the word "deeps" mean?

Ans: The word "deeps" mean seas. 

5. What is meant by "the fearful symmetry"?

Ans: "The fearful symmetry" means the perfect combination of art and terror found in a tiger.  

6. Who is the divine blacksmith in Blake's mythology?

Ans: The divine blacksmith in Blake's mythology is Los. 

7. What does the “Tiger” symbolise?

Ans: The tiger symbolizes cruelty and terror.

8. What do the stars symbolise?

Ans: The stars in the poem “The Tyger” by William Blake symbolize the angels who revolted against God.

9. Why did the stars water the heaven with their tears?

Ans: The stars watered the heaven with their tears being afraid of the terrible aspects of God manifested through the fearful symmetry of the tiger. 

10. How is the tiger different from the lamb?

Ans: The lamb is gentle, meek and mild, but the tiger is terrific.