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Brief Question Answer from 'Holy Thursday'(Experience) by William Blake

Holy Thursday

by William Blake

1. What is not a holy thing to see?
Ans: The sight of the babies “reduced to misery” in a rich and fruitful land like England is not a holy thing to see. 

2. What does the trembling cry refer to?

Ans: The trembling cry refers to the cry of the children in a terrific situation. 

3. What does "eternal winter" mean?

Ans: "Eternal winter" means permanent misery.  

4. What does Blake criticize in "Holy Thursday"? [NU 2018]

Ans: In "Holy Thursday", Blake criticizes the attitude of charity organizations and also of the society towards the orphans.

5. Where cannot poverty appall the mind? 

Ans: Poverty cannot appall the mind in the country where the sun shines and the rain falls.  

6. How is the title "Holy Thursday" ironic?

Ans: The title "Holy Thursday" is ironic in the sense that there is nothing holy in the picture portrayed by Blake. It is not holy that babes are fed with cold and usurious hand and are reduced to misery in a rich and fruitful country like England.