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Brief Question Answer from 'London' (Experience) by William Blake


by William Blake

1. What do you understand by 'Chartered street' in the poem "London”?
Ans: In the poem “London” ‘Chartered Street’ means the street which is guaranteed freedom by a royal charter.

2. What is noticed in every face in "London"?

Ans: Mark of weakness and woe is noticed in every face in "London".

3. What is meant by "the mind-forged manacles"?

Ans: “The mind-forged manacles” means the chains which have been imposed upon the people by themselves.  

4. What blasts the new-born infant's tear?

Ans: The youthful harlot’s curse blasts the new-born infant's tear. 

5. What is meant by "marriage hearse"?

Ans: "Marriage hearse" means the absence of love, respect, sympathy, fellow feeling and the like in the institution called marriage which has turned mechanical and dead due to the absence of these feelings. 

6. How many social evils are attacked in "London"? 

Ans: Three social evils are attacked in "London". 

7. What evils of society are attacked in "London"?

Ans: The evils of society attacked in “London” are the callousness of society to the chimney sweepers, the adversity of war and the lust.

8. Which three classes are presented in the poem "London"?

Ans: The chimney sweeper, the soldier and the harlot are represented in the poem London.

9. What is the theme of the poem "London"?

Ans: The theme of the poem "London" is the contrast between freedom and restriction, between death and life and between innocence and degradation.