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Brief Question Answer from 'Introduction (Experience)' by William Blake

Songs of Experience


1. What is a Bard?

Ans: A bard is a poet who traditionally recites epics and is associated with a particular oral tradition.

2. How is the bard prophetic?

Ans: The bard is prophetic in that he is capable of seeing past, present and future. 

3. What has the bard heard?

Ans: The bard has heard Holy Words when he was in the Garden of Eden. 

4. What does the Holy Word signify?

Ans: The Holy Word signifies the word uttered by Jesus Christ in the Garden of Eden while calling for Adam and Eve.

5. What do the ancient tress refer to?

Ans: “The ancient tress” in the poem “Introduction” under “Songs of Experience” refer to the trees of the garden of Eden where Adam and Eve used to live before the fall.

6. What is the starry pole?

Ans: The starry pole is one of the two imaginary points in the sky around which stars revolve.  

7. What does ‘the dewy grass' symbolise?

Ans: In Songs of Experience, ‘the dewy grass' symbolises materialism.  

8. What does the "morn" symbolise?

Ans: The "morn" symbolises hope and regeneration.