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Brief Question Answer from 'The Nurse's Song'(Experience) by William Blake

The Nurse's Song

1. What kind of nurse is the nurse in "Songs of Experience"?

Ans: The nurse in "Songs of Experience" is jealous and authoritative. 

2. Why does the face of the nurse turn green and pale?

Ans: The face of the nurse turns green and pale remembering some bitter experience of her youth. 

3. What does the word "green" symbolise?

Ans: The word "green" symbolises jealousy. 

4. What does the nurse feel jealous of?

Ans: The nurse feels jealous of the happiness of the children.

5. What do the whispers of the children symbolise?

Ans: The whispers of the children symbolise something secret, something related to sex. 

6. "And the dews of night arise" - what does the "dew" symbolise?

Ans: The "dew" symbolises materialism. 

7. What does "spring" symbolise?

Ans: The “spring” symbolises youth. 

8. How are the spring and the day of the children wasted according to the nurse?

Ans: According to the nurse, the spring and the day of the children are wasted in play. 

9. What does winter symbolize?

Ans: Winter symbolizes hopelessness. It also symbolises old age. 

10. How are the winter and night of the children wasted?

Ans: The winter and night of the children are wasted in disguise.