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'Patriot' by Robert Browning Brief-answer Questions


Robert Browning

1. Who is the speaker of the poem "The Patriot"? 

Ans: The patriot himself is the speaker of the poem ‘The Patriot’.

2. What happened to the patriot after one year? 

Ans: After one year the patriot was sentenced to death.

3. Why was the patriot's forehead bleeding? 

Ans: The patriot's forehead was bleeding because stones thrown by people towards him cut his forehead. 

4. "It was roses, roses, all the way"-What does the roses symbolize?

Ans: The roses symbolize the cordiality and love of the people towards the patriot.

5. What is 'myrtle'?

Ans: ‘Myrtle’ is an evergreen shrub spreading sweet aroma.

6. What is scaffold?

Ans: Scaffold is a raised wooden platform used formerly for the public execution of criminals.

7. What does the patriot think even though he is condemned to death? 

Ans: Even though the patriot is condemned to death, he thinks that God will repay and so he feels safer.

8. Why does the patriot feel safer?  

Ans: The patriot feels safer because he has submitted himself completely to God with a view to getting ample reward in the hereafter.

9. Why will God repay the patriot?

Ans: God will repay the patriot in the hereafter because people have not acknowledged his services in this world.

10. How does the patriot console himself at the end?

Ans: At the end, the patriot consoles himself by saying that after his death, he will be rewarded by God for his service for the country.

11. "And afterward, what else?"- Who had given this answer?

Ans: The same people who are throwing stones at the patriot now had given this answer a year ago.

12. "Thus I entered, and thus I go!"—Who is the speaker?

Ans: The speaker of this line is the patriot himself.

13. What does the speaker mean when he says "Thus I entered, and thus I go"? 

Ans: When the speaker says, "Thus I entered, and thus I go” he makes the contrast between his arrival in the city amid roses one year ago and his departure now amid the thrown stones. 

14. What is optimistic about the dying patriot?

Ans: What is optimistic about the dying patriot is his belief in getting ample reward from God in the hereafter.