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'Fra Lippo Lippi' by Robert Browning; Brief-answer Questions

Fra Lippo Lippi

by Robert Browning

1. What type of poem is “Fra Lippo Lippi”?

Ans: “Fra Lippo Lippi” is a dramatic monologue in blank verse. 

2. Who is the speaker of the poem “Fra Lippo Lippi”?

Ans: The speaker of the poem “Fra Lippo Lippi” is an Italian painter called Fra Lippo Lippi.

3. What is the poem “Fra Lippo Lippi” about?

Ans: The poem “Fra Lippo Lippi” is about the relation between art and life. The poem asks the question whether art should be true to life or an idealized image of life.

4. What does the word 'Fra' mean?

Ans: The word ‘Fra’ means friar or a monk.

5. Who was Fra-Lippo-Lippi?

Ans: Fra Lippo Lippi was an artist in Florence, Italy.

6. Who caught Lippo at night? [NU 2012]

Ans: A group of watchmen caught Lippo at night.

7. Who holds Lippo by the throat?

Ans: One of the watchmen holds Lippo by the throat.

8. Why was Lippo arrested by a group of watchmen?

Ans: Lippo was arrested by a group of watchmen because he was going to the brothel at mid night.

9. Who are compared to rats in "Fra Lippo Lippi"? [NU 2014]

Ans: Monks who follow prostitutes for seeking pleasure are compared to rats in “Fra Lippo Lippi”.

10. Who was the Cosimo of the Medici?

Ans: The Cosimo of the Medici was the master and patron of Fra Lippo Lippi. 

11. Who was Judas?

Ans: According to the New Testament, Judas was one of the twelve original disciples of Jesus Christ and son of Simon Iscariot.

12. Who was John the Baptist?

Ans: John the Baptist was a Jewish itinerant preacher in the early first century AD.

13. What is stornelli?

Ans: Stornelli is a traditional type of Tuscan folk-song.

14. Who was Jerome?

Ans: St. Jerome was the most learned among the Fathers of the Western Church.

15. Who was Aunt Lapaccia?

Ans: Aunt Lapaccia was the sister of Andrea’s father. Being unable to rear Andrea, she placed him in the convent of the Carmelites.

16. Why was Fra Lippo Lippi taken up to a monastery?

Ans: Fra Lippo Lippi was taken up to a monastery primarily for food security and secondarily for transforming him into a monk.

17. What lesson has Lippo learnt from the Bible?

Ans: The lesson that Lippo has learnt from the Bible is that God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden so that they could get sexual pleasure.

18. Why were the monks annoyed with Lippo?

Ans: The monks were annoyed with Lippo because he portrayed the figures of physically beautiful human beings on the church wall instead of painting “the souls of men”.

19. Where is Lippo staying?

Ans: Lippo is staying in a palatial house of a ‘Cosimo of the Medici’ or a patron of art.

20. How does the poem 'Fra Lippo Lippi' end?

Ans: The poem 'Fra Lippo Lippi' ends with Lippo’s bidding goodbye to his listener and heading back to his studio.