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'The Last Ride Together' by Robert Browning; Brief-answer Questions

The Last Ride Together

by Robert Browning

1. What type of poem is "The Last Ride Together"?

Ans: "The Last Ride Together" is a dramatic monologue.

2. What does the title ‘The Last Ride Together' suggest?

Ans: The title ‘The Last Ride Together' suggests the last ride that the lover enjoys with his beloved. It also suggests their last physical union.  

3. Who is the speaker in the poem "The Last Ride Together"? [NU 2016]

Ans: The speaker in the poem "The Last Ride Together" is a rejected lover exploring the end of a love affair.

4. Why is the lover grateful to his lady-love?

Ans: The lover is grateful to his lady-love because the memories of the hopes and aspirations she gave to him. 

5. What is a matter of life and death for the lover?

Ans: The moments of indecision of the parting beloved while giving her consent to have a last ride with the lover is a matter of life and death for him.

6. To what is the lover’s soul compared?

Ans: The lover’s soul is compared to a long-cramped scroll of paper. 

7. What is Westminster Abbey?

Ans: Westminster Abbey is a large, mainly Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster, London, just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.

8. How does the lover console himself?

Ans: The lover consoles himself thinking that he is not the only person who has failed. 

9. How is a lover fated better than a poet?

Ans: A lover is fated better than a poet in that a poet can merely describe in rhythm and rhyme what other people feel but a lover physically experiences something beautiful like a ride. 

10. What does the lover hope to get in the other world?

Ans: The lover hopes to be united with his beloved in the other world and to continue their ride.