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'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry' by Walt Whitman Brief-answer Questions

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Walt Whitman

1. Where was Walt Whitman born?

Ans: Walt Whitman was born in West Hills of Long Island.

2. What is the name of the river Whitman was crossing?

Ans: The name of the river Whitman was crossing is the East River.

3. What type of poem is "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"?

Ans: “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” is a philosophical poem in free-verse.

4. What is the main theme of "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"?

Ans: The main theme of "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" is the glorification of the eternity of life. 

5. Name the book which 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry' is a part of.

Ans: 'Crossing Brooklyn Ferry' is a part of the book “Leaves of Grass”.

6. What is 'Leaves of Grass'?

Ans: “Leaves of Grass” is a poetry collection by the American poet Walt Whitman.

7. What is scallop?

Ans: Scallop is a large shellfish with two flat fan-shaped shells. 

8. How does the poet describe his brain?

Ans: The poet describes his brain as “throb, baffled and curious”.

9. What will the people hundreds of years later do in the poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry"?

Ans: Hundreds of years later, as mentioned in the poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”,  people will go from shore to shore, see the water face to face, see the ships of Manhattan and also see the setting sun half an hour high.

10. How do we achieve spiritual reality?

Ans: We achieve spiritual reality through material reality. 

11. In which rhyme has the poem been written?

Ans: The poem has been written in blank verse. 

12. What is stream of consciousness?

Ans: Stream of consciousness refers to the flow of thoughts in the conscious mind.

13. Who was the father of stream of consciousness technique?

Ans: Walt Whitman was the father of stream of consciousness technique.