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Use of 'Who' in Bengali


    - 'কে' নির্দেশ করা হয়।  
    - Singular এবং Plural উভয় ক্ষেত্রে বসে। 
    - Subject হিসেবে ব্যবহৃত হয়। 
    - Verb এর কোন পরিবর্তন হয় না।
    - Auxiliary হিসাবে কোন Verb আগে আসে না।
    - Subject অংশ বাদ যায়। 
    - Subject এর পর থেকে অর্থাৎ Verb থেকে সব বসে। 
    - Pronoun (he, she, you, I, we, it ush) Subject হিসাবে থাকলে ঐ বাক্যকে who দ্বারা প্রশ্ন করা ঠিক না। 
    - Noun Subject বিশিষ্ট বাক্যকে who দ্বারা প্রশ্ন করা শ্রেয়।

Structure: Who + Subject এর পর থেকে বাকি অংশ + ? 

1. Ashraful is playing well.
    WH-question: Who is playing well?
2. Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.
    WH-question: Who wrote Macbeth?

None, nobody, everyone, everybody যদি Subject হিসাবে থাকে তাহলে উক্ত বাক্যকে who দ্বারা প্রশ্ন করা যায়।

1. Nobody believes a liar.
    WH-question: Who believes a liar?
2. Everybody appeared in right time.
    WH-question: Who appeared in right time?

    1. My teacher is Prof. Rahman. 
    2. The politicians have been imprisoned. 
    3. The umpire conducts the match well.
    4. The boy must attend the class. 
    5. The students have answered well. 
    6. The Prime Minister took the chair.

More Examples:

Ruma’s SIM card is lost.Whose SIM card is lost?
Kazi Nazrul Islam voiced our rights.Who voiced your rights?
Or, Who was born in Bangladesh?
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.What did Shakespeare write? Or, Who wrote Hamlet?
My sister is coming from Singapore.Who is coming from Singapore?
Nobody can do this.Who can do this?
Karim’s brother is a cricket player.Whose brother is a cricket player?
Or, Who reads in second year honours class?
Orwell was educated in Eton.Where was Orwell educated? Or, Who was educated at Eton?
My father is a doctor.Who is a doctor? Or, What is your father?
Or, Who advised you to lose weight?
Everybody loves his motherland.Who does not love his motherland?
I am fond of the plays of Shakespeare.Whose plays are you fond of?
Or, Whom does he visit every week?
Army officers are well paid.Who are well paid?
No one can avoid death.Who can avoid death?
Every one is interested in games.Who is interested in games?
My father drives the manager’s car.Whose car does your father dive?
Or, Who drives the manager’s car?
Or, Who knocked at the door?
Everybody wishes to be happy.Who does not wish to be happy?
We are looking for a dangerous criminal.What are you looking for? Or, Whom are you looking?

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