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Antonyms for non-credit English Section-3


Antonyms are pairs of words that have opposite meanings and are used to show contrast or opposition. Examples of antonyms include hot and cold, good and bad, up and down, fast and slow, and happy and sad. The prefix "anti-" in antonym indicates opposition or being against, which explains why antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Antonyms can be valuable in writing and communication because they convey precise meanings and add variety and contrast to language.

Given wordবাংলা অর্থAntomymSentence
Cheapসস্তাCostlyThis dress is costly.
CleverচালাকFoolYou are a fool.
Coldঠান্ডাHotI like my tea hot.
Comedyমিলনাত্মক নাটকTragedyI have read a tragedy of Shakespeare.
Competentদক্ষIncompetentThe man is incompetent in English.
ComplexজটিলSimpleHe is a simple man.
ComplexityজটিলতাSimplicityI like him for his simplicity.
Compulsoryবাধ্যতামূলকOptionalEnglish is not an optional subject.
Concealগোপন করাRevealThey revealed the truth.
Constantস্থিরVariableThis number is variable.
CourageসাহসFearI have no fear of him.
Coverআবরণ দেয়াUncoverThey uncovered the packet.
CowardকাপুরুষHeroHe is the hero of the drama.
Cruelনিষ্ঠুরKindHe is a kind man.
CurseঅভিশাপBlessingWe want blessing of God.

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