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Antonyms for non-credit (Section-8)


    Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other. When two words are considered antonyms, they represent contrasting concepts or ideas. Using antonyms in writing or speech can help to convey opposition, contrast, or contradiction.

    Antonyms can be particularly useful when you want to emphasize differences or highlight contrasting ideas. By using antonyms, you can create a more nuanced and dynamic expression of language. However, as with synonyms, it's important to consider the context and intended meaning when using antonyms to ensure they are used appropriately.

Here are some examples of antonyms:

Given wordবাংলা অর্থAntomymSentence
Malevolentবিদ্বেষপূর্ণBenevolentYour advice is benevolent to me.
Maximumসর্বোচ্চMinimumThe loss is minimum.
Meekবিনয়ীArrogantDon't be arrogant.
ModernআধুনিকAncientThis house is ancient.
Mortalপার্থিবHeavenlyHe has a heavenly figure.
MuteবোবাSpontaneousHe is spontaneous in English.
Naturalপ্রাকৃতিকArtificialThis food is artificial.
Notoriousকুখ্যাতFamousHe is famous all over the country.
Nutritionপুষ্টিMalnutritionMalnutriturion creates many diseases.
Oldবৃদ্ধYoungHe is a young man.
OpenখোলাClosedThe office is closed today.
Opposeবিরেধিতা করাSupportI shall support you.
OrderআদেশObedienceHe has obedience to parents.
Patientধৈর্যImpatientDon't be impatient
Politeবিনয়ীArrogantHe is an arrogant boy.

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