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Antonyms for non-credit (Section-1)


Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. They are words that are opposite in meaning to other words, and they are often used to provide contrast and clarity in language. For example, hot and cold, happy and sad, or light and dark are examples of antonyms. The use of antonyms can help to provide a clearer picture of what is being communicated by highlighting the differences between concepts. Some examples of antonyms are given bellow with bengali meaning and sentences.

Given wordবাংলা অর্থAntomymSentence
Abnormalঅস্বাভাবিকNormalI like normal food
Absentঅনুপস্থিতPresentHe is present in the meeting.
Acceptগ্রহন করাRejectHe rejected my proposal.
Activeসক্রিয়InactiveYou are inactive.
Agreeসম্মত হওয়াDisagreeI disagree with you.
Ambiguousঅস্পষ্টClearYou idea is clear.
Ancientপ্রাচীনNewIt is a new shirt.
Annoyবিরক্ত করাPleaseHe pleased me.
Anxiousচিন্তিতHappyI am happy.
Appearহাজির হওয়াDisappearHe disappeared soon.
Attractiveআকর্ষণীয়InattractiveThis dress is inattractive.
AuthenticতুলনাহীনCommonIt is a common quesition.
Barrenবন্ধ্যাFertileThe land is fertile.
Beautifulসুন্দরUglyThe man looks ugly.
Beliefবিশ্বাসDoubtI have no doubt in his honesty.

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