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Antonyms for non-credit (Section-2)


Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. They are words that are paired together to show contrast or opposition. For example, hot and cold, good and bad, up and down, fast and slow, and happy and sad are all examples of antonyms. The prefix "anti-" in antonym means "opposed to" or "against", which is why antonyms are words that are opposed to each other in meaning. Antonyms can be useful in writing and communication to convey precise meanings and to create variety and contrast in language.

Given wordবাংলা অর্থAntonymSentence
Bestসবচেয়ে ভালWorstThis is the worst thing.
BlackকালোWhiteI like white dress.
Blameদোষ দেওয়াPraiseHe praised me much.
Blessআশীর্বাদ করাCurseHe cursed me in anger.
Blessingআশীর্বাদ CurseIlliteracy is a curse.
BluntভোঁতাSharpThis knife is sharp.
BoldসাহসীAfraidI am afraid of snake.
BraveসাহসীFrightenedI was frightened to see the tiger.
Brightউজ্জ্বলTimidThe light was timid.
BrutalপাশবিকKindHe is very kind.
Busyব্যস্তIdleYou are an idle man.
Cancelবাতিল করাAcceptPlease accept my prayer.
Carefullyসতর্কতার সাথেCarelesslyHe did the work carelessly.
Carelessসতর্কতাবিহীনCarefulMy mother is always careful.
CeaseথামাStartWe started for the town.

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