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'After Apple-picking' by Robert Frost; Brief-answer Question

After Apple-picking

by Robert Frost

1. What does the poem after `Apple picking' about?

Ans: The poem, "After Apple- picking" symbolically describes an old man’s life and how he prepares for his death, looking back at all the memories.

2. What attitude to apple-picking is expressed in the poem "After Apple-picking"?

Ans: An attitude of extreme satiety and pleasure is expressed in the poem “After Apple Picking” by Robert Frost.

3. How many apples were there for him to harvest?

Ans: There were “ten thousand” apples for him to harvest.

4. Why cannot the farmer pluck apple any more?

Ans: The farmer cannot pluck apple any more because he is intoxicated by the scent of apples and feels drowsy.

5. What did he see in his vision?

Ans: In his vision he (Whitman) saw the engagement of armies in war and the consequence of the war.