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'Sir Roger at Church' by Addison and Steele; Brief-answer Questions

Sir Roger at Church

 by Addison and Steele

1. What is a country Sunday?

Ans: A country Sunday means Sunday spent in a village.

2. Why is Sunday important in “Sir Roger at Church”?

Ans: As described in “Sir Roger at Church”, Sunday is important because it polishes and civilizes mankind, refreshes the notion of religion in human mind and arranges a social gathering at church.

3. What is the religious value of the Sunday?

Ans: The religious value of the Sunday is that it refreshes the notions of religion in the minds of people.

4. What is the ‘Change’?

Ans: The ‘Change’ means the Royal Exchange in London where business in transacted.

5. Why is Sir Roger a good church man?/What did Sir Roger do to beautify the inside of his church? [NU 2017]

Ans: Sir Roger is a good church man because he has beautified the inside of his church with several lines from the Bible, given a handsome pulpit-cloth, and railed in the communion-table at his own expense and so on.

6. What is hassock?

Ans: A hassock is a thick cushion used as a footstool or for kneeling.

7. What is pulpit-cloth?

Ans: Pulpit-cloth is a piece of cloth to cover the pulpit in a Church.

8. What is the communion table?

Ans: The communion table refers to the table used in the celebration of communion or the Lord's Supper. 

9. What is a catechising day?

Ans: The day on which the priest teaches children through question-answer method is known as catechising day.

10. What is tithe?

Ans: Tithe is the one tenth portion of the production that is given to the church.

11. Who is John Mathews?

Ans: John Mathews is the person who disturbs the congregation by kicking his heels.  

12. Why did Sir Roger call out to John Mathews in the middle of the service?

Ans: Sir Roger called out to John Mathews in the middle of the service because he was disturbing the congregation by kicking his heels.  

13. How many times does Sir Roger pronounce Amen to the same prayer?

Ans: Sir Roger pronounces Amen three or four times to the same prayer.