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'Death of Sir Roger' by Addison and Steele; Brief-answer Questions

Death of Sir Roger

 by Addison and Steele

1. Whose letter is presented in the essay ‘Death of Sir Roger’?

Ans: The butler’s letter is presented in the essay ‘Death of Sir Roger’

2. What did Sir Roger bequeath to the widow?

Ans: Sir Roger bequeathed a pearl necklace and a couple of silver bracelets set with jewels to the widow.

3. What did Addison get on the death of Sir Roger?

Ans: On the death of Sir Roger, Addison got all his books. 

4. What did Sir Roger leave for the men and women?

Ans: Sir Roger left a great frieze-coat for each of the men and a black riding-hood for each of the women in the parish. 

5. What did Sir Roger leave for the clubs?

Ans: Sir Roger left rings for the club.

6. Who inherited Sir Roger’s property? [NU 2017]

Ans: Captain Sentry inherited Sir Roger’s property.

7. Where was Sir Roger buried?

Ans: Sir Roger was buried, according to his own directions, among the dead members of the Coverley family, on the left hand of his father Sir Arthur.

8. How many men carried Sir Roger’s coffin?

Ans: Six men carried Sir Roger’s coffin.