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'His Account of Disappointed in Love' by Addison and Steele; Brief-answer Questions

His Account of Disappointed in Love

 by Addison and Steele

1. What is a squire?

Ans: A squire is a man of high social standing who owns and lives on an estate in a rural area, especially as the chief landowner in such an area.

3. At what age did Sir Roger become a sheriff?

Ans: Sir Roger became a sheriff at the age of twenty three.

4. Why did the widow go to the court?

Ans: The widow went to the court to hear the event of a cause concerning her dower.

5. Why was the whole court in the widow’s favour?

Ans: The whole court was in the widow’s favour because she acted to be devoted to her husband.

6. What is Sir Roger guided by?

Ans: Sir Roger is guided by his own conscience and the conscience of his fellow men.  

7. Why did Sir Roger improve his lifestyle?

Ans: Sir Roger improved his lifestyle for making the widow happier.