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Addison and Steele; Brief-answer Questions

Addison and Steele

1. What is the name of the periodical started by Steel in 1709? [NU 2013]

Ans: The name of the periodical started by Richard Steele in 1709 was the Tatler.

2. What is Tatler? [NU 2015]

Ans: The Tatler was a periodical launched in London by the essayist Sir Richard Steele in April 1709.

3. What is "The Spectator"?

Ans: “The Spectator” was a daily publication founded by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in England, lasting from 1711 to 1712.

4. Who was the editor of "The Spectator"? [NU 2012]

Ans: Richard Steele was the editor of “The Spectator”.

5. What is the aim of “The Spectator”? [NU 2014, 2015]

Ans: The aim of “the Spectator” is to “enliven morality with wit and to temper wit with morality”.