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Synonyms for non-credit (Section-4)


সমার্থক শব্দ এমন একটি শব্দ যার একই বা কাছকাছি অর্থ রয়েছে।

LoyalঅনুগতfaithfulThe dog is a faithful animal.
MistakeভুলblunderDon't make a blunder.
ObstacleবাধাhindranceWe have to overcome the hindrance.
Offerপ্রস্তাব proposalThank you for your proposal.
OldপুরাতনancientIt was an ancient village.
Pacificপ্রশান্তquietThe village is quiet..
Piousধার্মিকreligiousMy father is a religious man.
Polluteদূষিত করাcontaminateHuman waste contaminates water.
QuickজলদিfastHe runs very fast.
Refineবিশুদ্ধ করাpurifyI want to purify the contaminated water.
Refuseঅস্বীকার করাrejectShe rejected my proposal.
Resistপ্রতিরোধ করাpreventHe prevented me from going there.
Revealপ্রকাশ করাexposeWe are exposed to noise pollution.
Selfilshসস্বার্থপরself-centeredHe is a self-centered man.
SimilarএকইsameThese dresses are same in cost.


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