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Synonyms for non-credit (Section-3)


সমার্থক শব্দ এমন একটি শব্দ যার একই বা কাছকাছি অর্থ রয়েছে।

FarদুরawayDon't go away.
Fateভাগ্যlotNo one knows one's lot.
GallantসাহসীbraveThe boy is brave.
GenuineখাঁটিauthenticThe book is authentic..
Gratitudeকৃতজ্ঞতাgratefulnessHis gratefulness is praiseworthy.
HardকঠিনdifficultThe sum is difficult.
HighউচূঁelevatedHe reached to an elevated position.
Holyপবিত্রsolemnThis is a solemn place.
Importantগুরুত্বপূর্ণsignificantThe question is significant.
InjuredআহতwoundedThe man is wounded.
Instinctপ্রবৃত্তিtendencyHe has a tendency to be absent.
Kindদয়ালুsympatheticHe is a very sympathetic man.
LittleছোটsmallThe village is small.
Logicalযুক্তিসংগতrationalYou are not rational.
LoveভালবাসাaffectionShe has no affection for me.


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