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Synonyms for non-credit (Section-2)


সমার্থক শব্দ এমন একটি শব্দ যার একই বা কাছকাছি অর্থ রয়েছে।

Capacityক্ষমতাabilityHe has ability to do this.
ComplexজটিলcomplicatedThe sum is complicated.
Consciouslyসতর্কভাবেcarefullyHe did the work carefully.
Costlyমূল্যবানvaluableGold is valuable.
Dangerousবিপজ্জনকriskyThe road is risky.
Decayক্ষয়fadeThe colour will fade away soon.
Destroyধ্বংস করাdevastFlood devasts crops.
DistinctiveআলাদাexclusiveYour shirt is exclusive.
Divineস্বর্গীয়heavenlyShe has a heavenly beauty.
Eagerআগ্রহীjeaslousHe is jealous of doing the work.
ElementউপাদানingredientThe ingredient of this food is good.
EqualityসমতাequityWe should maintain equity.
Exposeউন্মুক্ত করাopenHe opened his mouth.
Faithfulবিশ্বাসীloyalI am loyal to my father.
Fameখ্যাতিreputationHe has much reputation.


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