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'Tithonus' by Alfred Lord Tennyson; Brief-answer Questions


by Alfred Lord Tennyson

1. How was Tithonus as described by him in his youth?

Ans: Tithonus, as described by him, was gloriously beautiful in his youth. His beauty made Aurora fall in love with him.

2. What type of poem is “Tithonus”?

Ans: “Tithonus” is a dramatic monologue. 

3. Who is the speaker of the poem “Tithonus”?

Ans: The speaker of the poem “Tithonus” is Tithonus who is the son of King Laomedon by Strymo. 

4. Who is Tithonus?

Ans: Tithonus is the lover of Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, and the son of King Laomedon by Strymo.

5. What does swan symbolize?

Ans: Swan usually symbolizes purity. In 'Tithonus' by Alfred Tennyson it symbolizes mortality that completes the natural cycle of life.

6. To whom did Tithonus ask for immortality?

Ans: Tithonus asked Aurora for immortality.

7. How did Aurora grant immortality to Tithonus?

Ans: Aurora granted immortality to Tithonus with a smile, like wealthy men, who do not care how they give.

8. How did Tithonus become immortal? [NU 2016]

Ans: Tithonus became immortal by asking Aurora, the goddess of dawn, to grant him the gift of immortality.

9. What does Tithonus urge Aurora?

Ans: Tithonus urges Aurora to take her gift of immortality back and let him go to the ground to die.

10. Who, according to Tithonus, is a happy man?

Ans: According to Tithonus, a man having the power to die is a happy man.  


  1. If the answer was a bit long it would be good !!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment. These are for 1 marks only. You need not make it long rather accurate.