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'Locksley Hall' by Alfred Lord Tennyson; Brief-answer Questions

Locksley Hall

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

1. What type of poem is Locksley Hall? [NU 2013]

Ans: Locksley Hall by Tennyson is a dramatic monologue based on unrequited love.

2. What is the setting of the poem “Locksley Hall”?

Ans: The poem is set in England at a building (Locksley Hall) overlooking the sea.

3. What does the poem "Locksley Hall" represent? [NU 2015]

Ans: The poem ‘Locksley Hall’ represents "young life, its good side, its deficiencies, and its yearnings".

4. Where is Locksley Hall situated?

Ans: Locksley Hall is probably situated at Lincolnshire Coast in England.

5. Who is the speaker of the poem Locksley Hall?

Ans: The speaker of the poem "Locksley Hall" is an unnamed soldier.

6. What was the name of the speaker's cousin in "Locksley Hall"?

Ans: The name of the speaker's cousin in "Locksley Hall" was Amy. 

7. Who is Amy? [NU 2017]

Ans: Amy is the speaker’s cousin who rejected him to marry a boorish man after being pressurized by her parents.

8. How were the eyes of Amy? 

Ans: The eyes of Amy were as dark as a hazel nut. 

9. What type of man is Amy’s husband?

Ans: Amy’s husband is a clown-like and gross-natured man with heavy eyes.

10. How are Amy's parents?

Ans: Amy's parents are against her relationship with the speaker of the poem "Locksley Hall".  Her father is threatening personality and her mother is a woman having “a shrewish tongue”.

11. Why does the speaker berate Amy?

Ans: The speaker berates Amy because she forsook him and never loved him truly.

12. What is Pleiades?

Ans: Pleiades, meaning Seven Sisters, are a cluster of open stars located in the constellation of Taurus.

13. What happened to Amy when the speaker confessed his love for her?

Ans: When the speaker confessed his love for Amy, a colour and a light came to her pallid cheek and forehead and her bosom was shaken with a sudden storm of sighs. 

14. What is the glass of Time?

Ans: The glass of time literarily means sand watch. Here it means the passage of time.

15. How would Amy become like her mother?

Ans: Amy would become like her mother by delivering lectures on her child in the same way as her mother did on her.

16. What is Tennyson's opinion about knowledge and wisdom?

Ans: Tennyson's opinion about knowledge and wisdom is that a parson can acquire knowledge more rapidly than wisdom.

17. What has Nature made the women?

Ans: Nature has made women impulsive, not rational.  

18. Who will make Amy forget her troubles?

Ans: Amy’s baby will make Amy forget her troubles.

19. "Woman is the lesser man"-What is meant here?

Ans: Here it means that man is superior to women.

20. What is a dramatic monologue? [NU 2016]

Ans: A dramatic monologue is a kind of poetry in which a speaker speaks out his soul at a critical moment of his life to a silent audience whose presence is perceived from the speech of the speaker.