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'Of Revenge' by Francis Bacon; Brief-answer Questions

 Of Revenge

by Francis Bacon

1. What type of Justice is revenge and why?

Ans: According to Bacon, revenge is a kind of wild justice because ‘it is a prince’s part to pardon’.

2. What is the most tolerable sort of revenge? / When is revenge tolerable?

Ans: The most tolerable sort of revenge is the revenge for those wrongs for which there is no law to remedy. 

3. What is superior to taking revenge? [NU 2016]

Ans: The act of ignoring a wrong without taking revenge is superior to the act of taking revenge.

4. Who is the Supreme Being?

Ans: The Supreme Being refers to God.

5. What is Cosmus?

Ans: Cosmus was the Duke of Florence in 16th century. 

6. Who is Pertinax?

Ans: Pertinax was a Roman military leader and Roman Emperor for the first three months of 193,