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'Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God' by John Donne; Brief-answer Questions

 Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God

by John Donne

1. What does "Three-Person’d God' refer to in "Batter my Heart"? [NU 2012, 2015]

Ans: In 'Batter My Heart', 'Three-Person’d God' refers to the Christian concept of Trinity - God, Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost.

2. What prayer does Donne make to God in “Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God”?

Ans: In “Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God’, Donne prays to God to enthrall and ravish him.

3. In what sense is ‘Reason’ God’s viceroy?

Ans: ‘Reason’ is God’s viceroy in man in the sense that it enables man to distinguish which path is right for him and which one is not.  

4. How will Donne achieve real freedom?

Ans: Donne will achieve real freedom after being imprisoned by God.

5. Why does the poet want to be ravished by God?

Ans: The poet wants to be ravished by God because he can never restore his chastity without being ravished by God.