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'The Garden Party' by Katherine Mansfield brief questions and answer

The Garden Party

Katherine Mansfield

1. Which country does Katherine Mansfield belong to?

Ans: Mansfield belongs to New Zealand.

2. What is criticized in the short story "The Garden party"? [NU 2015]

Ans: The class distinction is criticized in the short story “The Garden Party”

3. Name the main characters of "The Garden Party".

Ans: The main characters of “The Garden Party” are Mrs. Sheridan, Laura, Laurie, Meg, and Jose.

4. Who is Laurie?

Ans: Laurie is the brother of Laura in the short story “The Garden Party”.

5. How old was Laura Sheridan?

Ans: Laura Sheridan is about sixteen years old.

6. Who is Mrs. Sheridan?

Ans: Mrs. Sheridan is the mother of Laura.

7. What is a marquee?

Ans: A marquee is a large tent.

8. What was Scott?

Ans: Scott was a carter.

9. What is the name of the dead neighbor in "The Garden Party"?

Ans: The name of the dead neighbor in "The Garden Party" is Scott.

10. How did Mr. Scott die?

Ans: Mr. Scott died by an accident.

11. Who brought the news of Scott's death?  [NU 2017]

Ans: Godber’s man brought the news of Scott's death. 

12. Why did Laura want to stop the garden party? [NU 2016]

Ans: Laura wanted to stop the garden party because one of their neighbours named Mr. Scott died in an accident.

13. Why did Laura go to Scott's house?

Ans: Laura went to Scott’s house to give some food and flowers as consolation.

14. Who are the brothers and sisters of Laura?

Ans: Laurie is the brother, and Meg and Jose are the sisters of Laura.

15. What is the theme of "The Garden Party"?

Ans: The theme of "The Garden Party" is class distinction.


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