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'Araby' by James Joyce brief questions and answer


James Joyce

1. What is the full name of James Joyce?

Ans: The full name of James Joyce is James Augustine Joyce.

2. What is Araby?

Ans: Araby is the name of a grand oriental fair held in Dublin.

3. What does "Araby” stand for? [NU 2016]

Ans: ‘Araby’ stands for an ideal of romance and beauty.

4. What is the name of the street in the text "Araby"?

Ans: The name of the street in the text "Araby" is North Richmond Street.

5. Where was North Richmond Street?

Ans: North Richmond Street was in Dublin

6. What is the name of the girl the boy loved in “Araby”? 

Ans: The girl whom the boy loved in “Araby” is anonymous. She is known as Mangan’s sister.

7. What did the narrator promise to the girl?

Ans: The narrator promised to the girl that he would bring something for her from the bazar.

8. What was the narrator’s impression of Araby? 

Ans: The narrator’s impression of Araby was that of utter hopelessness and disappointment.

9. How does the narrator get to Araby? 

Ans: The narrator takes the train to get to Araby.

10. What does the narrator buy from Araby?

Ans: The narrator doesn’t buy anything from Araby.

11. What was the feeling of the narrator when he left Araby? [NU 2015]

Ans: When the narrator left Araby, his feeling was full of humiliation, humbleness, anguish, and anger.  

12. What does chalice mean?

Ans: Chalice means the cup from which Jesus Christ had his last supper.