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'Cat in the Rain' by Ernest Hemingway brief questions and answer

Cat in the Rain

Ernest Hemingway

1. Where is the American couple spending their holidays in the story 'Cat in the Rain'? 

Ans: In the story 'Cat in the Rain', the American couple is spending their holidays in a hotel in Italy. 

2. What does "Spring" symbolize in the short story “Cat in The Rain”?

Ans: The “spring” in "Cat in the Rain" symbolizes conjugal happiness.  

3. Why does Hemingway refer to the American wife as ‘girl’ in "Cat in the Rain"?

Ans: In "Cat in the Rain" Hemingway refers to the American wife as ‘girl’ to heighten her innocence and childlike simplicity.

4. Why has American couple come to Italy?

Ans: The American couple has come to Italy to spend their holidays.

5. What does the monument stand for in Cat in the Rain? 

Ans: The monument in “Cat in the Rain” indicates the cold and unfriendly relationship between the husband and the wife.

6. What is the name of the husband in "A Cat in the Rain"?

Ans: In "A Cat in the Rain", the name of the husband is George.

7. What does the cat stand for in "Cat in the Rain"?  [NU 2017]

Ans: In ‘Cat in the Rain’, the cat stands for a child that the woman desires.

8. What does "Gatto" mean in "Cat in the rain"? [NU 2016]

Ans: "Gatto" in 'Cat in the Rain' is an Italian word. In English it means ‘cat’.

9. How is the American couple portrayed in 'Cat in the Rain'?  

Ans: In 'Cat in the Rain' the American couple is portrayed as an unhappy couple who are emotionally detached and isolated from each other.

10. What is "il'' piove'' in Cat in the Rain?

Ans: "il'' piove'' in “Cat in the Rain” means “it is raining”.

11. What is the meaning of the expression "Si, il gatto"?

Ans: The meaning of the expression "Si, il gatto" is “the cat herself”.

12. What do the two cats - the cat desired and the cat found - symbolize? [NU 2015]

Ans: Here the ‘cat desired’ symbolizes a child which the woman desires and the ‘cat found’ symbolizes her first step in the direction of a grown up life.

13. What does the word 'signora' mean? 

Ans: The word 'signora' means “Mrs” or “madam”. It is a courteous title used to an Italian-speaking married woman.

14. What is Iceberg Theory?

Ans: Iceberg Theory is a strategy of fiction writing in which most of the story is hidden like an iceberg underneath the ocean. That means it is a much minimized presentation of details within a story.