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'Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching' Previous Question- 2016 with Answer



Subject code: 1191

Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                              Marks-80

Part – A

1.   Answer any ten questions:                                                                                     1´10 = 10

      a.  What is an interactive view of Language?

           Ans : The interactive view of language is that the way a baby learns a language is both biological and social.

      b.  What is ZPD?

           Ans : ZPD stands for Zone of Proximal Development.

      c.  What is TESOL?

           Ans : TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

      d.  What is the goal of Total Physical Response Method (TPR)?

           Ans : The goal of Total Physical Response (TPR) Method is to create a brain link between speech and action to boost language and vocabulary learning.

      e.  What is Nativism?

           Ans : Nativism is the approach, put forward by Noam Chomsky, that states that children's brains contain a Language Acquisition Device which holds the grammatical universals.

      f.  Which Method is known as classical method?

           Ans : Grammar Translation Method is known as classical method.

      g.  What is Direct Method?

           Ans : 'Direct Method' is a system of teaching a foreign language using only that language and without emphasis on the study of grammar.

      h.  What does "Army method" refer to?

           Ans : 'The Army Method' refers to the Audio-lingual Method.

      i.   What is SLA?

           Ans : SLA stands for Second Language Acquisition.

      j.  What is linguistic competence?

           Ans : Linguistic competence means a native speaker's implicit and internalized knowledge of the rules of the language. It governs an individual’s tacit understanding of what is acceptable and what is not in the language he speaks.

      k.  What is Desuggestopedia?

           Ans : Desuggestopedia is the application of the study of suggestion to pedagogy. It has been developed to help students eliminate the feeling that they cannot be successful or the negative association they may have toward studying and, thus, to help them to overcome the barriers to learn.

      l.   What is affective filter hypothesis?

           Ans : Affective Filter Hypothesis is a part of Krashen’s Monitor Model Hypotheses. According to this hypothesis, negative emotions like nervousness, anxiety, boredom, and lack of self-confidence act as a ‘screen’ and prevent learning.


Part – B

Answer any five questions:                                                                                          4 ´ 5 = 20

2. What is communicative competence?

3. Distinguish between “intensive” and “extensive” reading.

4. Mention the salient teaching techniques used in the Audio-Lingual Method.

5. What is meant by “tissue rejection” in language teaching methodology?

6. What are the principles CLT?

7. What is Post-method Pedagogy?

8. What are the fundamental differences between the Audio-Lingual Method and the Direct Method?

9. Do you think English is a threat to other languages?


Part – C

Answer any five questions:                                                                                        10 ´ 5 = 50

10. Evaluate the Grammar-Translation method focusing on its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

11. Discuss the five Hypothesis of Krashen’s Monitor Model.

12. What are the goals and principles of the Audio-Lingual Method? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

13. Discuss the main principles of The Communicative Language -Teaching. Why is CLT considered an approach rather than a method?

14. State the main principles of the Total Physical Response Method (TPR).

15. Evaluate the role of the Reform Movement in the history of English Language Teaching focusing on the principles of the Reform Movement.

16. Define Linguistic Imperialism. Discuss the role of English Language Teaching in Linguistic Imperialism.

17. What is Kumaravdivelu’s concept of the Post Method Pedagogy? Do you think the post-method pedagogy is required to deal with the contemporary challenges of English Language Teaching in EFL?

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