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'Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching' Previous Question- 2013 with Answer



Subject code: 1180

Approaches and Methods of Language Teaching

Time: 4 hours Marks-80

Part - A

1. Answer any ten questions: 1*10 = 10

a. What is method?

Ans: According to Edward Anthony, “Method is an overall plan for the orderly presentation of language material, no part of which contradicts, and all of which is based upon, the selected approach.”

b. What areas of language are emphasized in Grammar Translation Method?

Ans: Reading and writing skills are emphasized in Grammar Translation Method.

c. What is meant by a target language?

Ans: Target language means any foreign language which a person intends to learn.

d. What is SLA?

Ans: SLA stands for Second Language Acquisition.

e. What is Affective Filter Hypothesis?

Ans: Affective Filter Hypothesis is a part of Krashen’s Monitor Model Hypotheses. According to this hypothesis, negative emotions like nervousness, anxiety, boredom, and lack of self-confidence act as a ‘screen’ and prevent learning.

f. What do you mean by a target language?

Ans: Target language means any foreign language which a person intends to learn.

g. What does Communicative Language Teaching mean?

Ans: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is an approach to language teaching that emphasizes interaction as both the means and the ultimate goal of study.

h. What is PPP?

Ans: PPP stands for Presentation, Practice and Production.

i. What is deductive teaching of grammar?

Ans: The deductive teaching of grammar rules are taught first. Then come examples and practice.

j. How many phases are there is TBLT?

Ans: There are three phases in TBLT.

k. What is scanning?

Ans: Scanning is a reading technique used to find specific information quickly.

l. Who wrote the book entitled "The Natural Approach"?

Ans: Terrell and Krashen wrote the book entitled "The Natural Approach".

Part - B

Answer any five questions: 4*5 = 20

2. What are the principles of the Task-based Language Teaching?

3. What are the main techniques of CLT?

4. Mention the roles of the teachers and the students in The AudioLingual Method.

5. What are the goals of The Direct method?

6. What is teacher’s role in Direct Method?

7. Distinguish between ‘Acquisition’ ‘Learning’.

8. What is a contextual approach? How does it affect pedagogy?

9. What are the basic differences between CLT and GTM?

Part - C

Answer any five questions: 10*5 = 50

10. Evaluate the Grammara-Translation method focusing on its main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

11. Evaluate the five hypotheses of Krashen’s Monitor Model.

12. What are the goals and the principles of the Audio-Lingual Method? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

13. Discuss the main principles of The Communicative Language Teaching. Why is CLT considered an approach rather than a method?

14. Discuss the procedures of the Natural Approach in teaching four skills. What are the four basic stages of SLA mentioned in the Natural Approach?

15. What are the roles played by the learners and the teachers in CLT?

16. Define Linguistic Imperialism. Discuss the role of English Language Teaching 1n Linguistic Imperialism.

17. What Kumaravadivelu’s concept of the post Method Pedagogy? Do you think the post method pedagogy is required to deal with the ' contemporary challenges of English Language Teaching in EFL?

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