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'American Literature: Fiction and Drama' Previous Question- 2017 with Answer



Subject code: 241111

American Literature: Fiction and Drama

Time: 4 hours                                                                                                              Marks-80

Part – A

1.   Answer any ten questions:                                                                                     1´10 = 10

a) Who is the narrator of the novel “The Sun Also Rises”?

      Ans: The narrator of the novel ‘The Sun Also Rises’ is Jake Barnes.

b) Who is Dr. Tamkin‘?

      Ans: Dr. Tamkin is a fake psychologist. He is the surrogate father of Tommy.

c) Where does the last scene of the play “The Hairy Ape” take place?


d) What was the main cause of failure in Wilhelm's life?


e) What particular Christian faith does Hawthorne criticise in Young Goodman Brown”?

            Ans : In ‘Young Goodman Brown’, Hawthorne criticize the faith of the Puritans who take the words of Bible without interpretation.

f) What is San Fermin?


g) What is Yank's idea of belonging?

      Ans : Yank's idea of belonging is that he belongs to the ship.

h) Whom did Wilhelm support financially?


i) What does the phrase ‘Seize the Day’ mean?

      Ans. 'Seize the Day' means ‘Carpe Diem’ or enjoy the present day.

j) Who are the “men without skin” in ‘Beloved’?

      Ans. White men that haunt Beloved’s thoughts are the "men without skin".

k) Who were the friends of Robert Cohn in Europe?

      Ans : The narrator of the novel and Braddocks were the friends of Robert Cohn in Europe.

l) Whom does Goodman Brown meet first in the forest?



Part – B

Answer any five questions:                                                                                          4 ´ 5 = 20

2. What are the reasons for Wilhelm’s failure in the modern competition?

3. Describe ‘Beloved’ as an allegorical figure.

4. Is the novel “The Sun Also Rises” a tragedy or a satire? Why?

5. “Christ, where do I get off at? Where do I fit in?”---Explain.

6. Why must Young Goodman Brown make his journey into the forest?

7. Write a short note on Hotel Gloriana.

8. What does the forest represent in the story “Young Goodman Brown’’?

9. Write what you know about Mildred Douglas.


Part – C

Answer any five questions:                                                                                        10 ´ 5 = 50

10. Discuss the major themes of “The Hairy Ape”.

11. Comment on the use of symbols in the story “Young Goodman Brown”.

12. Write a note on American life and society as depicted in Saub Bellow’s ‘Seize the Day’.

13. Toni Morrison’s "Beloved” portrays an institutionalized dehumanization of the slaves.--Elucidate.

14. “The Sun Also Rises” is a tragic novel. Discuss.

15. Discuss Bellow’s attitude towards contemporary American society in ‘Seize the Day’.

16. Bring out the chief features of the character of Young Goodman Brown.

17. Evaluate “The Hairy Ape” as a modern tragedy.

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