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Brief-answer question from 'Volpone' by Ben Jonson Part-2


by Ben Jonson

16.        Who are the Mercatori?

           Ans: The Mercatori are Peregrine's accomplices in the practical joke he plays on Sir Politic.

17.        Who are the Commendatori?

           Ans: The Commendatori are the court officers who detain Corbaccio, Corvino, Voltore, Mosca, and Volpone once their punishments have been handed down.

18.        Who is the Notario?

           Ans: The Notario is “the Register," or officer of the Scrutineo. He summons witnesses, swears them in, and runs errands for the Avocatori.

19.        Who are Avocatory?

           Ans: Avocatory are four magistrates or the judges who are presented as dangerously gullible in the play Volpone.

20.        What is an acrostic?

           Ans: An acrostic is a type of poem where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase.

21.        What does the name Mosca mean?

           Ans: ‘Mosca’ is a Spanish term. Mosca’s name means ‘a dead fly’. It also means ‘bore’ or ‘cash’ or ‘dough’.

22.        What does the name Voltore mean? [NU 2012]

           Ans: The name Voltore means ‘vulture’.

23.        What is the meaning of the word “volpone”?

           Ans: The meaning of the word “volpone” is fox.

24.        What does Corvino stand for?

           Ans: Corvino stands for carrion crow.

25.        What profession is Volpone fond of?

           Ans: Volpone, according to Mosca, is fond of the profession of a lawyer.

26.        How did Volpone earn his wealth?

           Ans: Volpone earned his wealth by feigning illness to attract the legacy hunters carrying valuable gifts.

27.        Why does Volpone pretend to be sick?

           Ans: Volpone pretends to be sick to attract the legacy hunters.

28.        What does Volpone regard as his saint?

           Ans: Volpone regards his gold as his saint.

29.        Who are the members of Volpone's house? [NU 2012]

           Ans: The members of Volpone's house are Nano, Castrone, Androgyne, Mosca and Volpone.

30.        Who are the good Characters in “Volpone”?

           Ans: Bonario and Celia are the good Characters in Volpone.