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Brief-answer question from 'Volpone' by Ben Jonson Part-1


by Ben Jonson

01. What type of comedy is ‘Volpone’? [NU 2014]

    Ans: “Volpone” is a comedy of humours.

02. What is the sub-title of the play Volpone? [NU 2013, 2015, 2017]

    Ans: The sub-title of the play Volpone is “The Fox”.

03. Where is the setting of the play "Volpone"?

    Ans: The setting of the play "Volpone" is Volpone’s house in Venice, Italy.

04. From what animal does the play 'Volpone' take its name? [NU 2016]

    Ans: The play 'Volpone' takes its name from the animal ‘fox’.

05. Who is Volpone?

    Ans: Volpone is a Venetian nobleman who embodies the greed, and feigns illness to attract the legacy hunters.

06. What is “Volpone”?

    Ans: “Volpone” is a comedy of humour.

07. What is the symbolic meaning of Volpone? [NU 2015]

    Ans: The symbolic meaning of Volpone is ‘cunning fox’.

08. Who is Mosca?

    Ans: Mosca is the parasite of Volpone.

09. Who is Bonario?

    Ans: Bonario, son of Corbaccio, is a young gentleman.

10. Who is Corbaccio?

    Ans: Corbaccio, the raven, is the oldest of the three avaricious inheritance seekers.

11. Who is Corvino?

    Ans: Corvino, an extremely vicious and dishonorable person, is Celia's jealous husband.

12. Who is Sir Politic Would Be?

    Ans: Sir Politic Would-be is an English knight who resides in Venice and prides himself on knowing the ways of a gentleman.

13. Who is Lady Would Be?

    Ans: Lady Would Be is the Knight's wife. She is the garrulous, vain, and jealous companion of Sir Politic.

14. Who is Peregrine?

    Ans: Peregrine is a young English traveler who meets and befriends Sir Politic Would Be upon arriving in Venice.

15. Who is Celia?

    Ans: Celia is the wife of Corvino.