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Brief-answer question from 'Volpone' by Ben Jonson Part-3


by Ben Jonson

31. Who are the legacy hunters in 'Volpone'? [NU 2015, 2017] 

    Ans: Voltore, Corbaccio, Corvino and Lady Politic Would-be are the legacy hunters in ‘Volpone’. 

32. What gift does Voltore bring for Volpone? [NU 2014, 2016] 

    Ans: Voltore brings an antique plate of gold for Volpone. 

33. What does Corvino bring as a gift for Volpone? 

     Ans: Corvino brings a diamond and a pearl as a gift for Volpone. 

34. Who is the blazing star of Italy? 

    Ans: Celia is the blazing star of Italy. 

35. In order to see Celia, what did Volpone do? 

    Ans: In order to see Celia, Volpone disguised himself as a mountebank. 

36. What is a mountebank? 

    Ans: Mountebank is a dishonest person who tricks and cheats other people. 

37. Who is a pilgrim falcon in ‘Volpone’? 

    Ans: Peregrine is a pilgrim falcon in ‘Volpone’. 

38. What is the name of Volpone’s panacea? 

    Ans: The name of Volpone’s panacea is Oglio del Scoto. 

39. Who is the servant of Volpone? 

    Ans: Mosca is the servant of Volpone. 

40. How does Mosca earn his livelihood? 

    Ans: Mosca earns his livelihood by flattering Volpone and exploiting the legacy hunters. 

41. How does Mosea greet Corvion? 

    Ans: Mosea greets Corvion saying that he has come at the most wanted time and he would be extremely happy to know the truth. 

42. How does Volpone try to seduce Celia? 

    Ans: Volpone tries to seduce Celia first by offering gifts and then by using force. 

43. Who rescues Celia from Volpone? 

    Ans: Bonario rescues Celia from Volpone. 

44. Who wounded Mosca? 

    Ans: Bonario wounded Mosca. 

45. Why is Volpone ordered to be whipped? 

    Ans: Volpone is ordered to be whipped for lying to the court. 

46. Why does Celia faint in the court in ‘Volpone’? 

    Ans: Celia fainted in the court in ‘Volpone’ seeing Corvino very worked up at the time of giving evidence against his wife. 

47. What punishment was awarded to Mosca? 

    Ans: The punishment of whipping and permanent banishment to the galleys was awarded to Mosca. 

48. What punishment did Volpone get at the end? 

    Ans: At the end, Volpone is ordered to be chained and imprisoned and his property is seized and given to the hospital of the incurables. 

49. What is a comedy of humours? Give an example. 

    Ans: Comedy of humours is a form of comedy in which the characters behave in their humorous temperaments. Ben Jonson’s “Volpone” is a comedy of humours. 

50. What is a Beast-fable? 

    Ans: A beast fable is a type of fable in which human behaviour and weaknesses are subject to scrutiny by reflection into the animal kingdom. 

51. Is Volpone a beast fable? 

    Ans: Yes, Volpone is a beast fable because it shows the characters like birds and animals behaving like human beings in a short tale illustrating some moral point. 

52. What is the aim of satire? [NU 2012] 

    Ans: The aim of satire is to improve humanity by criticizing its follies and foibles.