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Victorian Poetry



[According to the New Syllabus]

Subject Code: 231111

(Victorian Poetry)

Time----4 hours                                                                                            Full marks-----80


1. Answer any ten of the following questions in complete sentence:-                    1x10=10

a          Who was Oenone?

            Ans: Oenone was the first wife of Paris of Troy. He abandoned her for the queen Helen of Sparta.

b          Who was Andrea’s wife?

            Ans: Lucrezia was Andrea's wife.

c          What type of poem is ‘Thyrsis’?

            Ans:  “Thyrsis” is a pastoral elegy.

d          Which bird is called the windhover?

            Ans:  The bird falcon is called the windhover.

e          Who are the lotos-eaters?

            Ans: Lotos eaters are the inhabitants of Lotos Island. They eat lotos fruits.

f           Who was called "The faultless painter"?

            Ans:  Andrea del Sarto was called “the faultless painter”.

g          What is Dover famous for?

            Ans:  Dover, a principal cross-channel port in Britain, is most famous for its white chalk cliffs.

h          What is a dramatic monologue?

            Ans:  A dramatic monologue is a kind of poetry in which a speaker speaks out his soul at a critical moment of his life to a silent audience whose presence is perceived from the speech of the speaker.

i           What kind of poem is ‘The Scholar Gipsy’?

            Ans:  "The Scholar Gipsy" is a pastoral elegy.

j           Who is the speaker in the poem ‘The Last Ride Together’?

            Ans:  The speaker in the poem "The Last Ride Together" is a rejected lover exploring the end of a love affair.

k          How did Tithonus become immortal?

            Ans: Tithonus became immortal by asking Aurora, the goddess of dawn, to grant him the gift of immortality.

l           Who write the poem ‘Pied Beauty’?

Ans:  G.M. Hopkins wrote the poem “Pied Beauty”.


Part- B

(Answer any five of the following questions)


2. Why did the speaker of the poem "Locksley Hall' fail to marry his beloved?

3. Why is Oenone in a sad mood?

4. Write a note on the character of the Duke.

5. Explain the following lines:

            "Paint the soul

            Never mind the legs and arms."

6. "The poem "Spring and Fall" is more about spirituality than nature"-Discuss.

7. What is the cause of Andrea's failure to become a great artist?

8. Summarize the poem "The Windhover".

9. What do you mean by Victorian compromise?


Part- C

(Answer any five questions)


10. Comment on Tennyson’s use of myths and legends in the poems you have read.

11. Critically appreciate the poem “Dover Beach”.

12. Comment on the symbols used in Hopkin's poems.

13. Evaluate Robert Browning as a writer of dramatic monologue.

14. Tennyson is a pictorial artist-Discuss.

15. Give a short description of the elegiac note in Arnold's poetry.

16. Write what you know about Browning's view of art and life.

17. Consider "Pied Beauty" as a religious poem.

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