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Victorian Poetry



[According to the New Syllabus]

Subject Code: 1177

(Victorian Poetry)

Time----4 hours                                                                                                  Full marks-----80



1. Answer any ten of the following questions in complete sentence:-                 1x10=10

a          What does the poem "Locksley Hall" represent?

            Ans:  The poem ‘Locksley Hall’ represents "young life, its good side, its deficiencies, and its yearnings".

b          What does Ulysses symbolize?

            Ans : Ulysses symbolizes unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

c          How was the religious faith of the Victorians?

            Ans:  According to Arnold, the Victorians were half-believers of casual creeds. They never felt the religion deeply.

d          "My pipe is lost"-what is meant by "pipe."

            Ans:  “Pipe” here means poetic inspiration.

e          Who does Corydon stand for in Arnold's 'Thyrsis'?

            Ans:  In Arnold's “Thyrsis” Corydon stands for Arnold himself.

f           What happened to the men who ate the lotos at the land of the 'Lotos Eaters'?

            Ans:  The men who ate the lotos, at the land of the 'Lotos Eaters' were unwilling to go home; they wanted to stay there with the lotus-eating people.

g          What is “gipsy lore”?

            Ans:  ‘The gipsy lore’ is the secret knowledge of the gypsies regarding how to read the thoughts of others.

h          Who is Margaret?

            Ans:  Margaret is the name of a young girl to whom the speaker in "Spring and Fall" was talking.

i           Who carry the dead body of the Grammarian?

j           How was the hair of Laura?

k          "I am become a name", who said this?

            Ans : Ulysses said this.

l           What is the source of the poem "The Lotos Eaters"?

            Ans:  The Odyssey by Homer is the source of the poem "The Lotos Eaters".


Part- B

(Answer any five of the following questions)


2. Write a note on Telemachus.

3. Why does Andrea consider himself a failure as an artist?

4. Why is the speaker of the poem "An Apple Gathering" mocked by her neighbours?

5. What optimistic belief of Tennyson do you find in the poem "Locksley Hall"?

6. Write a note on the shadow of grief in the poem "Spring and Fall".

7. How does Laura feel when she regains consciousness?

8. What kind of joy did Hopkins feel when he prayed for the blacksmith?

9. Explain with reference to the context :

Leave, Now for dogs and apes,

Man has for ever.


Part- C

(Answer any five questions)


10. Discuss Arnold's treatment of nature in his poems that you have read.

11. Justify Robert Browning as an optimistic poet.

12. Discuss Tennyson as a representative poet of his age.

13. Discuss “Goblin Market” as a religious allegory.

14. Comment on the symbols used in Hopkin's poems.

15. "Arnild's poetry is the criticism of life"– Discuss with reference to his poems that you have read.

16. What romantic elements do you find in Tennyson's poem that you have read?

17. "Browning's poetry reveals a deep knowledge of psychology of men and women." Discuss.

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