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Previous Question of 'Victorian Poetry'- 2017 with answer


Victorian Poetry



[According to the New Syllabus]

Subject Code: 231111

(Victorian Poetry)

Time----4 hours

a. Who is Amy?

Ans: Amy is the speaker’s cousin who rejected him to marry a boorish man after being pressurized by her parents.

b. What gift does Tithonus urge to take back?

Ans: Tithonus urges to take back the gift of immortality.

c. Where do Andrea and Lucrezia live?

Ans: Andrea and Lucrezea live in Fiesole, Italy.

d. Who is Neptune?

Ans: Neptune is the god of the sea in Roman mythology.

e. What is the source of the poem "The Scholar Gypsy"?

Ans: The source of the poem "The Scholar Gipsy" is a 17th-century Oxford story found in Joseph Glanvill's The Vanity of Dogmatizing.

f. What is monody?

Ans: Monody is a poem in which a single person laments another's death.

g. What do you understand by ‘Brute Beauty’?

Ans: Brute Beauty' means ‘natural beauty’.

h. What is the meaning of ‘Felix’?

Ans: “Felix” means happy.

i. What type of poem is “Andrea del Sarto”?

Ans: "Andrea del Sarto" is a dramatic monologue.

j. How old was Fra Lippo Lippi when he renounced the worldly pleasures?

Ans: When Fra Lipoo Lippi renounced the worldly pleasures he was eight years old. 

k. Who is the speaker of the poem “My Last Duchess”?

Ans: Duke of Ferrara is the speaker of the poem "My Last Duchess".

l. Who was Sophocles?

Ans: Sophocles was one of the most famous and celebrated writers of tragedies in ancient Greece.

Part- B

(Answer any five of the following questions)


2. Write a summary of the poem 'Pied Beauty'.

3. Define dramatic monologue?

4. What philosophy of life do you find in "Andrea de Sarto"?

5. Write what do you know about Fra Lippo Lippi's early life.

6. Describe, in brief, the legend of "The Scholar Gipsy".

7. Explain with reference to the context :

            “This world's no blot for us,

            Nor blank- it means intensely, and means good”

8. What is the poem "Dover Beach" about?

9. Describe the Land of Lotos Eater?

Part- C

(Answer any five of the following questions)


10. Discuss the remark that Tennyson spoke for the English conscience of the Victorian Age in "Locksly Hall".

11. Discuss “The scholar Gipsy’ as a pastoral elegy.

12. Critically analyse "Felix Randal" as a sonnet.

13. Evaluate Hopkins’ appreciation of nature.

14. Write a critical appreciation of Tennyson’s poem ‘The Lotos Eaters’.

15. "Browning's poetry reveals a deep knowledge of psychology of men and women." Discuss.

16. Discuss Arnold's poetry as criticism of life with reference to “Thyrsis” and “Dover Beach”.

17. Write a note on Browning's philosophy of life with reference to "Andrea del Sarto" and "Fra Lippo Lippi".

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