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Brief question answer from 'Lion and the Jewel' Part-3

Lion and the Jewel

Wole Soyinka

31. What is 'ayo'?
Ans: Ayo is the name of a counting game which is played on a board with rows with the help of seeds.
32. What is 'the devil's own horse' in "The Lion and the Jewel"?
Ans: The motorbike of the traveller in the play, "The Dance of the Lost Traveller" is 'the devil's own horse' in "The Lion and the Jewel".
33. What does Baroka foresee about the village? [NU 2015]
Ans: Baroka foresees about the village that he will not be able to exploit his power over others if the village is modernized. He also foresees that he will not be able to mitigate his lust for village girls.
34. Who is Ogun?
Ans: Ogun is the god of oaths and justice. 
35. Who is Sango?
Ans: Sango is the god of thunder and lightning.
36. Who is the lost traveller?
Ans: The photographer is the lost traveler.
37. Who is the director of 'The Dance of the Lost Traveller'?
Ans: Sidi is the director of 'The Dance of the Lost Traveller'.
38. What does the phrase 'the one eyed box' refer to?
Ans: The phrase 'the one eyed box' refers to camera.
39. What is the Festival of Rain?
Ans: The Festival of Rain is a festival arranged for making rains during the dry season.
40. Where was the picture of Baroka printed?
Ans: The picture of Baroka was printed in a little corner somewhere in the book, and even that corner he shares with one of the village latrines.
41. Who is an illiterate goat in ‘The Lion and the Jewel'? [NU 2016, 2018]
Ans: Sidi, according to Lakunle, is an illiterate goat in ‘The Lion and the Jewel'.
42. What is the name of Baroka's last wife?
Ans: The name of Baroka's last wife is Sadiku.
43. How does Baroka seduce Sidi?
Ans: Baroka seduces Sidi through defeating the wrestler and telling her of his plans of modernizing the village.
44. What secret does Baroka reveal to Sadiku?
Ans: Baroka reveals to Sadiku the secret of his earlier loss and recent recovery of manhood.
45. Why did Sidi marry Baroka at last?
Ans: Sidi married Baroka at last due to her loss of virginity. After being seduced by Baroka, she cannot take anybody else as her husband.
46. What does Sidi refuse to marry Lakunle without bride-price? [NU 2018]
Ans: Sidi refuses to marry Lakunle without bride-price because she does not want to go against tradition and be estimated wrongly by the villagers who believe that bride-price is symbolic of the bride’s virginity.