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Brief question answer from 'Lion and the Jewel' Part-1

Lion and the Jewel

Wole Soyinka

1. Who is Wole Soyinka?
Ans: Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright and poet.
2. What is the full name of Wole Soyinka?
Ans: The full name of Wole Soyinka is Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka.
3. What is the nationality of Wole Soyinka?
Ans: Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian.
4. When was Wole Soyinka awarded Nobel Prize for literature?
Ans: Wole Soyinka was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1986.
5. What kind of plot does “The Lion and the Jewel” have?
Ans: The play The lion and the Jewel has a chronological causal plot. The action starts in the morning and ends at night.
7. Who is the 'Lion' and who is the 'Jewel' in The Lion and the Jewel?
Ans: In the play The Lion and the Jewel, Baroka is the lion and Sidi is the jewel.
8. Who is Baroka? [NU 2015]
Ans: Baroka is the chief of the village of Ilujinle in the play Lion and the Jewel.
11. Who is Sadiku?
Ans: Sadiku is Baroka’s first wife
9. How old is Sadiku?
Ans: Sadiku is nearly seventy.
10. Who is Ailatu?
Ans: Ailatu, the youngest of the wives, is the favourite of Baroka.
12. Who is Sidi? [NU 2017]
Ans: Sidi is a beautiful village girl, the jewel of the play The Lion and the Jewel.
13. Who was Lakunle?
Ans: Lakunle was a school teacher. He loves Sidi and wants to marry her, but refuses to pay her bride-price because he considers it an archaic tradition.
14. Name the different parts of the drama “The Lion and the Jewel”.
Ans: The different parts of the drams The Lion and the Jewel are ‘Morning’ ‘Noon’ and ‘Night’.
15. What is Ilujinle?
Ans: Ilujinle is a name of Yoruba village in the realm of the Ibadan clan's kingdom.