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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 9&10)



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) chocolates wanted buy I to some (a) I wanted to buy some chocolates.
(b) showed he me real picture the (b) He showed me the real picture.
(c) not roses a bed life is of (c) Life is not a bed of roses.
(d) is both curse a blessing water and a (d) Water is both a blessing and a curse.
(e) I it for guest ordered my (e) I ordered it for my guest.
(f) bird the killed was accidentally (f) The bird was killed accidentally.
(g) car drive let him a (g) Let him drive a car.
(h) Bangladesh country a small is (h) Bangladesh is a small country.
(i) every falls Bangladesh flood victim year to (i) Every year Bangladesh falls victim to flood.
(j) are the symbol beauty flowers of (j) Flowers are the symbol of beauty.


Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) gets morning up early in he the (a) He gets up early in the morning.
(b) was Socrates a philosopher great (b) Socrates was a great philosopher.
(c) a seldom dog bites barking (c) A barking dog seldom bites.
(d) I your read writing cannot (d) I cannot read your writing.
(e) nobody therefore, content can be (e) Therefore, no body can be content.
(f) no had sooner the began fight the police than came (f) No sooner had the fight began than the police came.
(g) is is fair fair foul foul (g) Fair is foul, foul is fair.
(h) winter so a misty morning cold is and (h) So a winter morning is misty and cold.
(i) seems he to do nothing have to (i) He seems to have nothing to do.
(j) was Newton fifty old years then (j) Newton was fifty years old then.