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Rearrange the following words to make sentences (Section 7&8)



Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) lived aunt with she her (a) She lived with her aunt.
(b) good received a Socrates education (b) Socrates received a good education.
(c) was warfare skilled he in (c) He was skilled in warfare.
(d) had education not he much (d) He had not much education.
(e) Lear his was of ruling kingdom tired King (e) King Lear was tired of ruling his kingdom.
(f) is them one winter of (f) Winter is one of them.
(g) is cold the it season mist of and (g) It is the season of mist and cold.
(h) there dense everywhere is fog (h) There is dense fog everywhere.
(i) vegetables green good are health for (i) Green vegetables are good for health.
(j) and trees floods prevent droughts (j) Trees prevent floods and droughts.


Rearrange the following words: Answers:
(a) should neglect we duties not our (a) We should not neglect our duties.
(b) called jute is the golden of fibre Bangladesh (b) Jute is called the golden fibre of Bangladesh.
(c) satisfied everybody with was them (c) Everybody was satisfied with them.
(d) the favours brave fortune (d) Fortune favours the brave.
(e) is the success industry key to (e) Industry is the key to success.
(f) working without hard one can no shine life in (f) Without working hard no one can shine in life.
(g) but nation achieve no can it struggle without (g) But no nation can achieve it without struggle.
(h) they start will in morning early the (h) They will start early in the morning.
(i) knew he that he wrong did (i) He knew that he did wrong.
(j) he clever question was to enough understand the (j) He was clever enough to understand the question.