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Rearrange the following words to make sentences: (Section 5&6)



Rearrange the following words:


(a) 21st the is February memorable a day

(a) The 21st February is a memorable day.

(b) every we year this remember day respect with

(b) Every year we remember this day with respect.

(c) day the is holiday government a

(c) The day is a government holiday.

(d) on day this the flag national flies half at mast

(d) On this day the national flag flies at half mast.

(e) is flowers covered monument with

(e) Monument is covered with flowers.

(f) fought the the armies to face face

() The fought the armies face to face.

(g) him we chairman made

(g) We made him chairman.

(h) now had the better you leave place

(h) You had better leave the place now.

(i) one something puller who pulls is a

(i) One who pulls something is a puller.

(j) a a pulls puller rickshaw rickshaw

(j) A rickshaw puller pulls a rickshaw.


Rearrange the following words:


(a) for great the ship sailed New Titanic York

(a) The great ship Titanic sailed for New York.

(b) had compartments she water sixteen tight

(b) She had sixteen water tight compartments.

(c) it so unsinkable regarded was as

(c) So it was regarded as unsinkable.

(d) she down but went on first her voyage

(d) But she went down on her first voyage.

(e) the sinking tragic of Titanic the will be always remembered

(e) The tragic sinking of the Titanic will always be remembered.

(f) all apple of fruits I the like most

(f) Of all the fruits I like apple most.

(g) Baishakh is country over celebrated all the Pahela

(g) Pahela Baishakh is celebrated all over the country.

(h) it to comes us a new as life

(h) It comes to us as a new life.

(i) a Mela is an gathering annual Baishakhi

(i) A Baishakhi Mela is an annual gathering.

(j) we every greet one this day on

(j) We greet every one on this day.